Avital Norman Nathman


The Good Mother Myth

I am extCoverremely proud to announce that my first book, The Good Mother Myth – Redefining Motherhood to Fit Reality was published by Seal Press in January 2014. The book is a collection of essays from an array of mothers, each lending her voice to help create a new narrative of motherhood, in a pushback against the destructive and draining “good mother” myth.



“…several essays by scholars, activists, artists, and professionals delve into the ways in which “motherhood, as an institution, remains oppressive to women today,” and expose ideals of femininitythat are not just exclusively straight, white, and biological but ensure that “women’s work” remains “invisible and unpaid.” Refreshingly honest, frequently funny, and overall intelligently self-reflective, these voices reassure the anxious and guilt-ridden that ‘there is no such thing as a good mother. There is only the good enough mother.’ ” – Publisher’s Weekly

“…I know that these mothers do not always agree with each other. I know that they might, like me, disapprove of others. This is why Avital Norman Nathman’s anthology is the perfect format for a response to our culture’s sanitized and polished representations of motherhood. No one mother’s point of view is, by itself, a sufficient challenge. [...] I am so glad to have read this book.” – Gretchen Sisson, Bitch Magazine

Deemed a “Mom’s Must Read” From Parents Magazine.

The Perfect Birth Myth

unnamedI’m currently working on my 2nd book, The Perfect Birth Myth. This one will delve into the way we as a country look at/plan for/talk about birth. To learn more about this book (and perhaps get involved!), check out this piece I wrote for the Huffington Post.

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