Avital Norman Nathman

Published Work

I write regularly for a number of publications and my freelance work can be found in a wide variety of both online and print outlets.


The Frisky

I have been writing “Mommie Dearest,” a feminist parenting column, for The Frisky since November 2012. In addition, I have written multiple freelance pieces for them, accessible from my profile.




Bitch Magazine



The New York Times Motherlode




Ms. Magazine Blog






Bamboo_Winter_2012_CoverBamboo Family Magazine

winter2012Sacred Pregnancy Magazine

  • “Unchaining Our Sisters” Fall 2013
  • Breastfeeding Reality Summer 2013
  • “No Passing Trend” Spring 2013
  • Q&A with Christy Turlington Burns from Every Mother Counts Spring 2013
  • “It Pays to Pay For Maternity Leave” Winter Issue 2012
Gender Across Borders 


“Arranging Playdates For My Kid Makes Me Feel Like I’m In Middle School” Mommyish 31 July 2014

“The Illusion of Choice in Israel” The Jewish Daily Forward 1 July 2014

“Why Are So Many Pregnant Prisoners Still Being Shackled?” Cosmopolitan.com 22 May 2014

“Avital Norman Nathman’s Take on Maternity Care Pricing in America” Every Mother Counts 5 July 2013

“Teen Motherhood: When “Reality TV” Doesn’t Fully Reflect Reality” RH Reality Check 1 January 2013

“Jews and Santa” Huffington Post 24 December 2012

“The Scary Reality of Being Fired For Taking a Sick Day” Care2 13 July 2012

“A Boy’s First Pride” Good Men Project 18 June 2012

“Global Roundup” RH Reality Check 30 May 2012

“Global Roundup” – RH Reality Check 23 May 2012

“Women Deserve Better Than 50 Shades of Grey” – HLNtv.com 9 May 2012

My Rule-Breaking Pregnancy” – Sacred Pregnancy 3 April 2012

An Interview With Anna Vogelzang” – Lip Magazine 1 March 2012

The Marriage Project” – My submission to Chanel Dubofsky’s project. 19 January 2012

The (Unnecessary) Stress of Picking Preschool” –  A personal essay exploring our path to picking a preschool. Offbeat Mama 10 October 2011

“Cool” – Guest post on Boys Be Cool 14 September 2011

Food, Farming & Feminism” Guest post on Small Strokes Big Oaks 15 August 2011

Profile featured as part of the Parent Du Jour series. 12 August 2011

“10 Feminist Motherhood Questions” – Guest post on Blue Milk 20 July 2011

“Maternal Wisdom” – Essay on my experience using a birth doula. Doula Ambitions 5 July 2011

“Child of the 21st Century” – Winning essay in contest sponsored by Relix Magazine & Jambands.com. Published in Ball Things Reconsidered 3 July 2011

“Food Makes a Family” – Article on cultivating community (alongside 11 recipes). Mothering Magazine Nov/Dec 2010

Reposts (sites that have republished my work):

“On Steubenville High School & Teaching Boys Not To Rape”

“Parenting: It’s Not Just For Mommy Anymore”

“Scouting A New Path”

“An Open Letter To Congresswoman Rosa DeLauro”

“My Conversation With A Congresswoman”



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